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One of the most well-reputed law firms based in the Greater London, Masters Solicitors comprises of a committed, enthusiastic and highly qualified team of solicitors. We offer a great combination of expertise and experience to deal with your important legal matters.

Our dedicated team of professionals uses the best of their combined experience in order to get familiar with you, understand your legal needs and diligently work together in achieving the greatest results, every time for every client.

At Masters Solicitors, we respect our clients, value their rights and believe in providing the best representation for all.

Lijo Oommen 

B.A., LL.B.


A highly experienced and self-motivated solicitor, Lijo Oommen commenced his legal career as advocate/lawyer in Kerala, India since 1999 where he had practiced under the supervision of one of the leading banking lawyers and successfully represented several clients in many areas of law. 

He commenced his career in UK with one of the leading East London law firms and handled cases in the areas of civil, crime, prison law, immigration law, employment, and family law matters.  Being a qualified solicitor for senior courts in Wales and England in 2010, Mr. Oommen believes in offering comprehensive legal representation to all of his clients. Having proficiency in more than one area of law, he excels at handling cases. He is particularly skilled at representing and protecting the best interests of clients facing complex immigration issues.

Being a well-experienced and highly dedicated lawyer, Mr. Lijo holds a proven history of dealing with individual and corporate level legal affairs, and is well-skilled in the areas of his practice.

With the diverse educational background and a unique skill set, he commenced serving the members of the community, particularly for their civil ligation, intellectual property, immigration law issues and other matters, as well as document drafting in 2007. As a man of vision, he enjoys working in multi-cultural as well as fast-paced environments. He is well versed in many languages including English, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil. Lijo Oommen is leading Masters Solicitors leveraging his extensive knowledge and the strong values that he set for the company since 2015. Mr. Oommen holds a proven history of dealing with corporate and individual level legal affairs and is the principal solicitor of the practice supervising other members in the firm. 

Contact   : lijo@masterssolicitors.co.uk

Siju Putheth Kuriakose

B.Sc., LL.B.


One of the most recommended and experienced associate at Masters Solicitors, Siju Kuriakose was a practising lawyer in Kerala, India since 2000 who qualified in 2010 as a Solicitor in UK and holds strong legal expertise in dealing with a range of legal affairs. Siju worked in another law firm before shaking hands with Masters Solicitors back in 2017.

Known for his highly resolute approach and his abilities in handling a diverse range of legal matters, Siju extends his services and sound advice to individual and corporate clients in many areas of laws. He believes in providing strategic and tailor-made solutions to his clients, especially those facing complex disputes involving immigration and family law matters.

Utilising his strong understanding and thoughtful application of the UK’s law, Siju saves his clients the efforts, expense and time that would have otherwise been incurred in seeking the assistance of more than one solicitor to resolve their legal matters.

Owing to his diverse academic background and extensive law experience , Siju is well-versed in providing comprehensive and collaborative legal assistance to clients from a diverse range of industries.   He is well versed in many languages including English, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil.

Contact : siju@masterssolicitors.co.uk

Sahabudeen Abdul Hamid

B.A., B.L


Sahabudeen joined Masters Solicitors as a consultant/associate in 2020 with his wealth of knowledge and experience he has gained in many areas of law since he qualified in UK as a Solicitor in the year 2007. He was a practising lawyer in Tamilnadu, India since 1989. His expertise is many areas of law including immigration, litigation, crime and family is an added advantage to the clients who require assistance in their complex legal matters. He has extensive knowledge in British Nationality law and has particular experience in relation to claims concerning British Citizenship and Right of Abode in the United Kingdom. 

He also has extensive knowledge of Family law, particularly in financial procedures and children matters. He is well versed in many languages including English, Tamil and Hindi.

Contact: sahabudeen@masterssolicitors.co.uk 

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